Answers to common questions regarding therapy at our practice

Therapy FAQ

how long is a therapy session

How long does each therapy session take?

Sessions are 45 minutes long.  Occasionally it may be better to go on with a session, rather than stop or postpone work on a particular issue. When this extension is more than 10 minutes, your therapist will tell you, because sessions that are extended beyond 10 minutes will be charged on a prorated basis.  Some insurances will cover extended sessions based on medical necessity criteria.

psychotherapy duration

How long will I be in psychotherapy?

Psychotherapy is unique to the individual and the length of treatment cannot be determined from the outset. Therapy depends on many factors in relation to the individual and to the scope of issues to be addressed.  Successful psychotherapy also depends on maintaining the momentum of the work. Thus, committing to attend regularly set sessions is important. Most clients find weekly sessions the most productive. At times, your therapist may recommend bi-weekly, or twice-a-week sessions are the right pace for you.  This will be discussed during your initial visit and revisited if the recommendation changes.

cost of therapy

How much does seeing a therapist cost?

If you are using insurance, the cost is dependent upon your policy and may include a co-payment, deductible, or co-insurance.  These fees are determined by your insurance company and are due each session.  Some people do not pay anything.  Others have a small co-payment, while some have a large deductible.  Each policy is different.  It is best to contact your insurance company to verify your benefits prior to the first session. 


If you are utilizing out of network benefits or private self pay, the fee schedule is as follows: 


Standard Services:


Initial Evaluation $200

Individual 45 minute session $150

Family 45 minute session $175

To help meet the needs of the community, we offer services with our provisionally licensed associate therapist at a reduced rate.  Associate therapists are able to accept select insurances and are under the supervision of Kimberly Schaffer, Maureen Mulvanerton, Matthew Soriano, & Jennifer Driscoll.  Provisionally licensed therapists are licensed in New Jersey and have met all education requirements to practice under the supervision of a certified clinical supervisor.  

Individual/Family 45 minute session with provisionally licensed  associate therapist $50 


Specialized Services:


Clinical Consultation $150-$300 per hour

online therapy - Teletherapy Sessions

Do you offer online / virtual therapy sessions?

Yes.  Online sessions are available to those who reside in New Jersey.  You must be physically located in New Jersey during each session due to licensing regulations.  Some insurance companies will cover online sessions.  It is best to call your insurance and ask if your specific policy covers this service.  Online sessions are conducted over a HIPAA compliant platform.